Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sandwich bread alteratives

Thinking "outside" of the bun and bread

Pretty simply

Bunless burgers, hot dogs, Bunless veggie burgers, bunless salmon burgers "Most" kids enjoy hot dogs without the bun to begin with, so why not enjoy these other foods without the "bun" "Gluten"

Some additional ways to eat without the Gluten "bun/bread"

Corn Tortillas - Need a little heat.
Heat up ham and cheese in a corn tortilla. Quick and easy

These do need a little heat to keep from falling apart, but it doesn't take much. For a quick sandwich, lightly spray the tortilla with oil and put in a hot skillet over medium heat. Top it with a slice of cheese and ham or other sandwich filling. Let the cheese melt and fold over like an omelette. Quick and easy hot sandwich. Great for hot dogs and hamburgers too!

You should be able to find these at any grocery store.

Corn Thins - Great for kids.
Similar size and shape to rice cakes. My kids love to eat these for snacks, plain or with toppings, cream cheese and jelly, ham and cheese, bologna, etc. Consider eating for a quick breakfast too.

These are carried at a lot of health food stores, online and some mainstream stores.

Rice Cakes You are probably familiar with these. My kids enjoy Rice cake sandwiches.

These are easy to find at any grocery store or online.

Lettuce - Keep cool until time to eat.
Why not use lettuce to wrap your sandwich fillings? There are a variety of lettuces that would work for this. Take a big leaf and place your fillings in the middle, fold it taco-style, and enjoy! Perfect for egg salad, ham and cheese, hamburgers, hot dogs and more.

Gluten FREE Pancakes and Waffles
I'm sure you've got these in your freezer, it’s as quick and easy as popping them into a toaster. Spread peanut butter and jelly on them, Nutella chocolate hazelnut spread, cream cheese and jelly or fresh fruit… you get the idea. You can even use homemade gluten free Pancakes and waffles. Kids will enjoy these.

Rice Paper/Spring Roll Wraps - Need to hydrate.
How about using rice paper for wrapping up sandwich fillings. These round paper-thin wraps are stiff and fragile until you hydrate them. You hydrate them by simply placing them in a plate of water. It only takes about 10 seconds. Take them out of the water before it gets too soggy and starts to disintegrate. Let the excess water drip off, then place on a clean plate, or a crisp linen towel. (At this point, the wrap should be flexible enough to roll up. If not, give it a few more seconds in the water.) Place your fillings in the center of the top third of the wrap. Fold the top over the fillings, then fold in the sides. Next, roll it toward you, tucking and tightening it as you go. You’ll notice that the wrap is slightly sticky and stretchy. Use parchment or wax paper to wrap each one if you need to transport or save for later. Serve as is, or cut in half and serve with dressing.

You can find these at many grocery stores on the shelves with Asian foods. If your grocery store doesn't carry them, try an Asian food market or online.

Stay positive and think "outside" of the box think of what we can eat NOT what we can't Make living gluten free FUN I know I have. I feel happy and healthier because of it!!!!!!!!

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